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~ Weekly Yoga at the Rooted In Wellness Studio ~

To register for yoga classes, please text or send me a message on facebook.  Registration is recommended, but not required for classes.  For updates on class schedule or cancellations visit the RIW Facebook page.

~ Embodied Practice ~ Katonah Inspired Flow



Embodied practice provides a framework to measure our movement and our bodies in a way that gives us boundaries to work within as well as opening us up to new possibilities and to our potential. A unique 60 minute pranayama and vinyasa class inspired by the Katonah method developed by Nevine Michaan.

Sundays: 9-10am

~ Empower: Yoga HIIT ~ 



This class combines yoga inspired movement into a HIIT (high intensity interval) style class. We focus on building strength, refining balance and improving coordination in a 20 minute HIIT. The intensity is balanced out by relaxing with yoga for the remainder of the class.

Tuesdays: 5:30-6:30pm

~ Reflect: Yin Style ~ 



Yin yoga is an opportunity to slow down and come into yourself on your mat and get in touch with your personal tide. Use your breath to help you find your personal edge in a gentle way that helps you tune into what’s happening in your body and come out of the busy world and into yourself. In yin practice, poses are held for longer periods of time, but it is different than “gentle yoga”.

Thursdays: 6:40-7:40pm

(Photos for yoga classes taken by Sydney Johnson, fuelyourfocus.myportfolio.com)

Yoga Retreats ~ Mexico, Winter 2020

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