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I have known Jessica as a fitness instructor for over 6 years. A year ago, I started working with her as my personal trainer. I’m so impressed by Jessica’s passion to help others, her health and fitness knowledge, and her ability to motivate. She encourages and inspires me to try new things that I was too afraid to try on my own. Over the last five years, I have developed some back and knee issues that could have limited or ended my kickboxing days, but Jessica helps me with proper technique to maintain the safety of my lower back and knees all the while making sure I get a great workout. For each session, she develops a customized workout for my strengths, weaknesses, and goals. Jessica is caring, attentive to my needs and my limits, and knows just how far to push them. She makes working out fun, and I trust that she is always looking out for my best interest. I plan to be a long-term client of hers.
Erin Bellefy - “Hi-ya!”
Kristen Helland, Wellness Warrior program participant, started the program hoping to get into better eating habits, being kinder to her body and to have accountability to stay on track after boot camp. At the beginning of the program she rated her satisfaction with her well-being as 8 out of 10. After the 10 week program she gave her well-being rating 10 out of 10. Kristen shared that she now has more self-control around food and is more mindful, specifically about eating and listening to what her body needs in areas of exercise and sleep. Other health outcomes she has experienced are a more positive attitude about herself, less negative self-talk and being ok with her imperfections along with having lost a few pounds. Kristen said she would and has referred a family member or friend to the program. She appreciated having the accountability without judgement and loved that the focus wasn’t just on exercise and nutrition, but that is was really about mindful practices that impact all aspect of life. Kristen said, “I feel like you understand the struggle because you’ve been through it. You are real and relatable.”
Kristen Helland

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