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You are your most important investment and you are growing roots in wellness that you will have for the rest of your life.

These roots are your anchor and your lifeline, so you can take whatever life brings.

Rooted in Wellness offers health coaching, personal training and yoga sessions designed to help you build a healthy foundation of true wellness that is sustainable for you.  

We use a person-centered approach looking at all areas of your life including but not limited to healthy foods, physical activity, relationships, career, creativity, joy, sleep and more. In order for true wellness to exist we must address all of our needs that affect our relationship with ourselves and with our environments. Private personal training, health coaching and yoga sessions are tailored to your needs and wants. 

My fitness background is in kettlebells, cardio kickboxing, TRX, body weight strengthening and conditioning as well as yoga (vinyasa, yin and Katonah).  I am happy to mix and match sessions based on your goals and desires. 

We will work together to create an individualized wellness plan designed to work specifically for your life. I believe that living well and thriving in our fast-paced world is a real option.

At Rooted In Wellness, our mission is to guide you on your journey in finding a nurturing lifestyle so you realize just how good you can feel.

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