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Services & Location

~ Private Assisted Yoga ~

1-hour private yoga offers an opportunity to receive assists and guidance in poses.  We will work through 10 (or more) poses in this 1-hour session. I offer assists that provide an opportunity for you to explore poses and find a new place in your body that you might not have found in your own practice.  Assists lend a stable hand, letting you feel a sense of liberation, reassurance and freedom in your body that can be physically and energetically transformational.  

~ Health Coaching ~

3-Month Program

2 sessions per month (or 6 total sessions) + handouts and accountability check-ins via text or email in between sessions.

This is a good option for those who have 1-2 goals in mind and have a good start, but need some support making goals a reality.  Growing healthy roots takes time and you might find that this shorter program gets you anchored down with your new healthy lifestyle.

6-month program 

2 session per month (or 12 sessions) + handouts and accountability check-ins via text or email in between sessions. With this package, you may also choose one special session (cooking class, grocery store tour, pantry makeover or family session).

Lifestyle transformation takes time and you know that your success is worth the effort!  This option gives you time to work through the goals you want to accomplish with all the support you need to grow those healthy roots you need in order to sustain your new life.

~ Personal Training ~ 

One-to-one, buddy and small group training available.  I train using a combination of kettlebells, TRX, bodyweight strength conditioning and yoga based on your individual goals and needs.  

Individual sessions and packages are available.

Packages available in the following increments: 

6  x 1-hour sessions

12 x 1-hour sessions

24 x 1-hour sessions

Buddy and Small Group Training

Train or do yoga with a friend or small group of up to 5 people and share the cost of a specialized class at a time and day that works for you.   

Rewards Program 

Word of mouth is the best source of advertising, and I really appreciate referrals to others you know who would also benefit from health coaching and personal training!

When you refer a friend and they sign up for a 3 or 6 month program, you get 5% off your next program.

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~ Rooted In Wellness Studio ~

Rooted In Wellness is located at 1423 N 8th St, Ste. 113 in Superior, WI.  The studio is located in the Superior Business Center at the foot of the Blatnik Bridge, just a short, beautiful drive over Lake Superior.  

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