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The Beautiful Strength Project

The purpose of the Beautiful Strength Project is to use a holistic approach to health and wellness education and  training for women and girls who have experienced trauma and/or crisis.

To enhance self-efficacy and strength 

Increase resilience & confidence 

Develop empowerment skills 

Provide social, emotional, intellectual, spiritual, and interpersonal support to participants of The Beautiful Strength Project

This group is open to new members any time!

The Beautiful Strength Project is a collaboration between The Strength Factory, CASDA, Safe Haven, Harbor House, AICHO, First Witness and Rooted In Wellness. 

Participation is open to women who are receiving services from partner agencies or have received services there in the past.  You do not need to currently be receiving services from one of these agencies in order to participate in the group.

We meet once a week for 90 minutes and our focus is on self-love and empowering women through health and wellness discussion, physical activity, yoga and building community.

The BSP is a safe environment where women feel supported and empowered to be the best version of themselves. The intended impact of this group is to ripple out to future generations so they can also benefit by feeling empowered and thereby breaking cycles of violence and abuse against women. 

For more information about joining this group please email beautifulstrengthproject@gmail.com.  You may also inquire through your advocate with any of the partner organizations as well. 

Location, times and days are kept confidential.

Due to COVID-19 sessions will meet through a private Zoom session until further notice.

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