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The Art of Finding My Voice:

a Metamorphosis

Self-expression is one of the most important things we do as humans. Using our voice is our human birthright. It allows us to speak our truth, connect with others, to ask questions, understand the world better and also to let go of things that don’t serve us anymore.  We can use our voice to create joy or we can use it to cause pain.  Even our internal voice, can cause both.  Our bodies know on a cellular level the messages we feed them, making it a constant practice to learn how to be in good relationship with ourselves as much as others.  Our voice is one of the most powerful tools we possess and it is up to us how we use it.

I choose to share my stories because I truly believe that through storytelling and sharing, this is how we connect with others and how we know that we are not alone in the world.  Shame cannot exist when light is brought to it.  It is only through isolation and feeling alone that shame is able to fester.

I write about all sorts of things, but mostly relationships with myself and others.  I am committed to lifelong learning about how we as humans interact with ourselves, each other and the world around us.

The biggest commitment each of us can make to each other and to ourselves is to align our actions with our words, knowing that actions always speak louder than words.  Also to take care of ourselves as lovingly as we take care of others.  It is when we are in a good place within ourselves that all the goodness and beauty ripples out to the world around us.

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Speed Bumps…

Speed bumps… We all want to go fast over parts of life…the things we don’t know how to deal with…  those times when we’re unsure of ourselves, nervous, etc.  In a relationship, we might go from 0-100 miles per hour, ramping up the intensity –

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The Key to My Heart Lies With…

Many of us wait for someone to complete us or to save us. What are we being saved from?  Ourselves?  Our past?  Our hurts?  Our attic full of undealt with things? It is when we stick our head into the very things that we fear

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Growing Wings to Fly

Two years ago in September I was freed from my job of 14 years. It was the day one of my wishes to the universe came true.  I know that may sound funny.  I didn’t hope to be unemployed and this was a rather swift

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Sorrow to Fuel Fire

My heart sinks heavy, like through my center, through every chakra in my body when I hear people’s stories of trauma and abuse.  Having a background in social work, I listened to stories of client’s trauma for 14 years.  Like watching a television show, but

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Why I Practice Yoga

Recent assignment… Why do you practice yoga?  Write your manifesto… See, yoga is a way of life…for me. Yoga is more than movement to me.  It’s more than an hour of exercise.  If anything, it’s mostly not that. It’s like an exercise in embodiment. A

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Radical Embodiment

I want to dedicate this to all the people in my life who have struggled with their mental health and/or addiction.  Radical embodiment is a courageous endeavor. Many people in my life have lost their lives at their own hands because life can be so

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The Mystery of the Lover’s Dance

I think as humans we are all lovers.  Lovers of something, someone, hopefully ourselves… When I was at my yoga teacher training in Bali in February 2018, we were asked to set an intention one morning during asana practice, then to move with that intention

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1 ~ The Number of Radical Self-Love

Who decided to assigned value to numbers relating to our being?  What does it even mean?  Working in the health, wellness and fitness industry in a world based on numbers and tech as a way to measure goals can be frustrating because I know and

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My Heart Never Majored in Logic

Some nights I lie awake trying to work out answers for the most complex story problems.  These story problems are different though.  They are not like the ones we used to solve for grade school math assignments.  The issue I always run across with the

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My Secret Little Love Affair…

I think it was about 4 years ago that it began.  This is when I went to my first yoga class ever.  I started attending classes a few times a week and found that I really enjoyed it.  The breathing, the movement and being in

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My 40 Day Dependency Project (Part 4 of 4)

I didn’t write as much during the last 9 days of my project.  I was feeling processed to the max having sifted and sorted through so many emotions throughout the several weeks prior. I focused more on reflecting about general things in life like my

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My 40 Day Dependency Project (Part 3 of 4)

6-7-18 Day 21 Why do I do this work?  It doesn’t come easy or feel lighthearted.  It feels restricting when I thought it would feel awakening and life-giving.  It’s like I’m grieving for the way I’ve always known relationships to be which hasn’t well for

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My 40 Day Dependency Project (Part 2 of 4)

After realizing I was possibly emotionally unavailable, I needed to do some more research which involved digging into what this meant and how to change my own patterns.  So, I went to the best blog I could think of, The Baggage Reclaim.  Natalie Lue is

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My 40 Day Dependency Project (Part 1 of 4)

This has been quite the year!  I spent 5 weeks in Bali for Yoga Teacher Training in February, came home for 6 weeks then took a vacation to Mexico.  I have also transitioned to being a full-time personal trainer/fitness instructor/health coach/jeweler.  It has been a

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The Butterfly Keeper

  A retired Butterfly Keeper.  That’s me.  I retired from my profession of keeping butterflies.  One day I opened the doors and let them all go.  When I did this, a funny thing happened… I too grew wings and flew away.  It’s like I knew

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Thoughts On Moving Into 2018

As we approach the end of 2017 and a new year is upon us, you may be thinking about starting new, healthy habits and swearing off the old undesirable habits in your life.  Maybe you’re even making new year’s resolutions that you will begin on

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Writing at the Great Stupa

This week, I am going to make my post a little shorter and share a writing I did while I was in Colorado the summer of 2016.  After going to the Arise Festival with my friend Kathy and her 2 kiddos, I took some time

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Crazy, Sexy, Healthy

A few months ago a client of mine shared an article with me on finding your “why.”  It really resonated with me at the time because I see this thing happen with people I coach and also myself where we set goals, but cannot seem

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Learning to Love and Let Go

I went out with a good friend last weekend, and in our conversation he commented about how I typically write about being single and how it’s been empowering and how it’s been a growing experience and it’s all good.  But in talking about things, he

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Always Circling Back to Self Love

Positive self talk is something I feel like isn’t talked about enough.  It can make or break us each day in so many ways.  Whether you feel good and motivated, are kind of feeling down in the dumps or are in a total panic about things that

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On Being Single.

I have been “single” now for just over 3 years.  Woohoo!  Here’s to single life in my 30’s.  What a trip!  Haha!  I have friends who want to set me up with online dating, hook me up with friends or family and take me out

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